Schedule Changes



Welcome back to CDJH! We are looking forward to a fun year! Schedules are being released on Friday, August 11th at 3:00 pm. We would like to give you and your student the opportunity to correct any scheduling errors. We will be using a Microsoft Form for you to submit your requests electronically.  Requests submitted through email will not be accepted. The form will be available from Friday, August 11th @ 3:00 pm until Tuesday, August 16th @ 11:59 pm.  Please click on the Schedule Change Request link to open and submit the form.  You can find classes and course information by clicking the Course Catalog link. 

Counselors have made every effort to place students into preferred classes; however, due to the size of our student body, the schedule is very full, and some students were placed in alternate classes. Every teacher at CDJH works hard to provide students with a quality learning experience; therefore, we will not accept specific teacher change requests. While we understand students would prefer classes and lunches with friends, we will not be changing schedules to accommodate these requests.

Please review your student’s schedules to ensure that all required classes are listed:

  • All students should be scheduled for a full year of Math, English, and Science. 

  • 7th graders should have one semester of Utah Studies, at least one semester of PE, and a full year of CCA. 

  • 8th graders should have a full year of US History, Health, and Digital Literacy (if they did not take it in 7th grade). 

  • 9th graders should have at least one semester of Geography.

Please consider the following before making a request:

  • A $10 fee will be applied to your student’s MyDSD account for changes.

  • A charge will not be applied if the change cannot be made or if the request is the result of a school scheduling issue/mistake.

  • If your change cannot be made for some reason, your student’s counselor will email you to let you know. 

  • Changes will be visible on MyDSD instantly so please check your account periodically for an updated schedule.

We appreciate your flexibility and understanding as we work to provide a great experience for the students at CDJH this year. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Thank you,

CDJH Counselors