7th-Grade Virtual Orientation & Course Selection

School Year 2021-22

Wow! Can you believe that you have finally finished Elementary School and you are moving on to Jr. High? Say "goodbye" to assigned seating at lunchtime, hanging your backpack in the back of the classroom, and recesses. At Central Davis Jr. High (CDJH), 7th-graders can choose to eat outside, get a personal locker (depending on availability), and making new friends in at least a DOZEN exciting classes!

Access the 7th-Grade Orientation and Course Selection Information from HOME or at CDJH by appointment.

1. All Students Click on Each Picture Below to Learn about Each Topic

2. All Students Watch the "How to Complete Your Course Request Form" Video

3. All Students Choose a Course Request Submission Option


Meet the Administrators

Meet the Counselors

Are your Immunizations up to Date?

Take a Tour of CDJH

Locker Challenge

Join the PTA

Honors Program

Math Classes

The word %22Math%22 spelled out using a collage of math related images

English Classes

A chalk board with books staked in front of it and the word %22English%22 spelled out in chalk

Science Classes

Social Studies Classes

Physical Education Classes

Visual Art Classes

Orchestra Class

Band Classes

Musical instruments piled on top of some musical notes

Choir Classes

Career & Technical Education Classes

Foreign Language Classes

Theatre 1

Miscellaneous Electives

How to Fill Out your Course Request

Submitting your Course Request

Please submit your Course Request to your Assigned Counselor.

H. Oram (A-Gi)          horam@dsdmail.net

S. Miller (Gl-O)           shamiller@dsdmail.net

R. Cowgill (P-Z)          rcowgill@dsdmail.net