Central Davis Jr. High Registration

Registration can sometimes be confusing because there are Three Types of Registration.

1. The first registration type is Spring Registration. This is the time when students and parents choose the courses they would like to take for the next school year.

2. The second registration type is Summer Registration. This is the time when students and parents take care of important items in order to begin the next school year. These items include:

  • Providing proof of immunization (7th grade only)

  • Paying school fees

  • Signing required online documents

  • Printing your new schedule and locker assignment

3. The third registration type is New Student Registration. This is for students who have moved into the school boundaries. This includes students transferring schools within the district.

Your student is not considered registered at the school until all applicable forms and payment verification has been completed. See steps below.


Step 1: Guardian Account Access.

To set up a guardian account guardian account setup info.

Step 2: Pay Fees

Log into your DSD Guardian Account & pay all required fees and any applicable optional fees. (click on Payments, then Pay for Fees/Lunch). 

To ensure that no student is denied the opportunity to participate in programs, courses, or activities because of the inability to pay you can find information on fee waivers and qualifications fee waiver info.

Step 3: Policy Review and Document Approvals.

E-sign the Device User Agreement, Signature Page and Acceptable User Agreement and all other documents on your DSD Guardian Account (click on Tools/Sign Documents).

Read the following:

Step 4: Student Demographic Information

Check demographic in MyDSD to be sure all information is correct (email addresses, phone numbers, etc).

If the student address has changed please bring two items for proof residency to the Main Office. 

New Students to Davis School District

The following information is required to register your student: (NEW TO THE AREA)

  • Release of Records

  • Proof of Immunizations - Students must have the necessary immunizations when they register for school.  According to state law, no child will be allowed to enter school unless the immunization requirements are met.  Certain exemptions may apply on an individual basis.  These exemptions must be approved through the County Health Department prior to registration.

  • Proof of Residency - Student must live within our school boundaries or obtain a variance from student services.

  • Proof of Guardianship - Child's birth certificate, guardian's current and valid picture ID.

7th Grade Course Request Form
8th Grade Course Request Form
9th Grade Course Request Form
2024-25 Course Catalog

Additional Registration Information


Attendance Policy
Electronic Device Policy

Available Forms

Applications are completed online only through MyDSD Guardian Accounts